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We don’t often add a new section to Prophecy Central.  With about 100 existing topics, we can almost always find a spot for an important new story.  However, the sudden collapse of Egypt’s government and the rapid rise of The Muslim Brotherhood has made us decide to devote a separate “page” to this powerful force in the End Times scenario.

 We all rejoice at the demise of a dictatorship. But important questions need to be answered: “Who will fill the leadership vacuum?”  And, “How will the new leadership of Egypt relate to the United States and Israel?”

 Apparently, the only organized leadership in Egypt at present is the Muslim Brotherhood. The liberal media and some in our government tell us not to worry about a take-over of Egypt by Islamic Radicals like what happened in Iran in 1979.  They say the Muslim Brotherhood only represents about 20% of the people of Egypt, and that their goals are peaceable.

On the contrary, their history and stated objectives tell us that they are dangerous.  It was formed in 1928, four years after the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, and its sole purpose was the resurrection of the Caliphate.  Their goal is to restore Islam and Sharia Law in its fullness.

Their graduates include Al Qaeda’s number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri who was imprisoned for three years on weapons charges following President Anwar Sadat’s assassination in 1981. They also produced Hamas, the terror network behind suicide bombings and rocket attacks in Israel.

 In the midst of the Egyptian protests, Muhammad Ghannem, a leading member of the Brotherhood, said that he would like to see the Egyptian people prepare for war against Israel.

Visit The Muslim Brotherhood at Prophecy Central for details and documentation about the true radical agenda of this group and why it is likely that the majority of Egyptians will follow them into a new and more disturbing kind of dictatorship.

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  1. Heartlandgranny says:

    I agree totally. Many of the nations that are currently in turmoil in the Middle East and Northern Africa are listed in Ezekiel as nations that will attack Israel in the war of Gog/Magog. Stay prayed up and WATCH, as Jesus instructed us to do.

  2. Your own personal ability and kindness in handling the subject was very useful!

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