Prophecy Conference in January

Solid Ground Church and KKLA will be co-presenters of a major prophecy conference at the Ontario Convention Center on January 14 and 15, 2011.  The theme is “Understanding the End Times: Israel, Islam and Biblical Prophecy.”

Frank Pastore, America’s most popular Christian talk show host will broadcast his program live from the conference on Friday night from 4 to 7 p.m. It is a free event, but love offerings will be received to cover the cost of such an event.  Pre-registration is necessary because, even though we will have a huge meeting space, seating is limited.

The outstanding speaker lineup includes Tim LaHaye, Chuck Missler, David Hocking, Bill Koenig, Gary Kah, Ron Carlson, Jack Hibbs, and Lambert Dolphin.  I will also have the privilege of speaking, not because I belong in such company, but because I am host pastor.

We have a web page devoted to the conference at  A beautiful poster may be downloaded and printed in any size you want.  Pictures and information about the speakers is included, along with suggestions for hotels in the area that will give a “prophecy conference discount.”

The Friday night program will conclude with a powerful evangelistic message by Jack Hibbs, so be sure to bring your friends who need to hear the Gospel!

If you would like to attend, please block out Friday evening and all day Saturday and don’t forget to pre-register!  There is a special toll-free phone number for this purpose, and KKLA will also have online registration during the month before the event.  The number is 888-974-4242.

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  1. John Hardin says:

    What a Lineup of speakers!

    I have come to know most of the great men who are speakers at the conference you are putting on through their radio programs and respect them deeply. However, I must now disagree with their position on end times events.

    I only wish that they understood that they err in the order of events because they will not follow and teach MOSES. His writings tell us of all the events of the tribulation. It is particularly interesting to me that the Bible tells us that HE tells the end from the beginning.

    The model of Israel in Egypt is, to me, UNDENIABLE. Our GOD does not change.
    He showed us the patterns of the judgments to come. Israel stayed in Egypt until the last judgment plague was over. THEN HE led them out.

    Jesus, told us the order as well when he told us the parable about the Tares and the Wheat. What happened there?

    The tares were gathered and thrown into the fire first. THEN the wheat was gathered into the storehouse.

    MY brothers who read this, PLEASE understand that when we came to believe in the Messiah, WE BECAME ISRAEL OURSELVES!!! The events of the tribulation will be happening to US!

    We will be the ones in Rev 12:17

    17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    What are those commandments of GOD? To know that, you must read the LAW of Moses. You must be grafted into the olive tree or the nation of Israel.

    Yes, Our greatest TORAH teacher and Rabbi, Jesus (Yahshua) of Nazareth was teaching the Torah of Moses when he summarized the law of Moses into it’s two sections: Love GOD and Love your neighbor as yourself. YES..That too is a Torah concept.

    Perhaps your speakers or readers might like to hear some supporting information to what I have just said above?

    It is not my intention to cause division, but to help GOD’S people to get ready for the events that are coming.

    My website, is a way in which some of God’s people can get ready for the eventuality that Moses and Jesus were right and that they just might not be taken up until the end of the tribulation. (You can get long term storable food affordably or even free through that system.)

    Because we have believed along with the speakers of your conference, in the Rapture, we have not prepared for the possibility that we just might be in this for the “Duration”.

    I venture to say that your list of speakers will be responsible for many hungry Christians in the last days because they have taught the pre-tribulation rapture.

    After all, Why would God pull out his troops in the middle of the battle?

    And then, there is the model told in the beginning where Israel came out of Egypt with a harvest of Egyptians, a “Mixed Multitude” Winning souls just might be why we will remain through the tribulation with a glorious outpouring of the Spirit upon us empowering us during those dark days!

    But then again, that is “OLD” and moldy testament, and could not possibly apply to US!

    Or could it?
    Shalom From a Wild Olive Branch

  2. astounding document and some fascinating views !! 😀

  3. Hoa Hipps says:

    This is excellent. I wished pictures to add in my school project along with the ?mages you could have posted are excellent. Thank you for them buddy! I guess teacher will love my project because of these ?mages and naturally the information I provided.

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