A Wonderful Surprise: Google Picks “Connecting the Dots” for Its Synopsis of Bible Prophecy

Every once in a while we check Google’s results for a search about “Bible prophecy.” Our website was actually started before Google, and for the past two decades it has usually been listed first in this category by Google (except for paid advertisements, and sometimes the Wikipedia article on the subject). We have always been grateful for the visits by tens of thousands of people to our site every week.

This time we were pleasantly surprised to see that our book on prophecy was chosen by their editors to illustrate the topic. We are humbled by this fact in the light of the hundreds of great books that exist in this genre. To God be the glory!

More good news: If you do not have the book, you can click on the image on Google’s page, and it will take you to the website where you can obtain one from Amazon (paperback or Kindle), or even download a free version from Prophecy Central.

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