Prophecy Central’s 20th Anniversary !!!

pclogoSee Commen20 years ago Prophecy Central began to share “A World of Information about Biblical Prophecy” online. This ministry began when the Internet was a novelty, and about a year before the introduction of Google. During all these years Prophecy Central has usually been the first site listed by Google when searching for “Bible Prophecy.” What a wonderful 20 years it has been!. We give all glory to The Lord for allowing us this opportunity, and for blessing it all this time. The site has served approximately 30 million visitors during its existence. Prophecy Central features special sections for more than 100 topics relating to Bible prophecy. Most of them give a simple summary of the importance of these subjects to Bible students, a list of pertinent Scripture passages—with hyperlinks to them, articles of interest to each of the topics, and links to other resources. Each day top news stories of interest to Christians are featured. A summary of each of these articles is added as a permanent record, along with a link to the original trusted source of information. With the passing of years, many of these news stories disappear from the Internet, but our summaries remain, and in many cases can be traced on our site, year-by-year, all the way back to 1996. One of the most encouraging things to us was the realization that thousands of fellow-pastors use the information we provide to help them prepare their messages to enrich their congregations. If you have been blessed by this free resource, it would be wonderful to hear from you. We will be happy to publish your encouragements on the site during this anniversary month. You can email us at [email protected].

See our 20th Anniversary page for comments. Visit Prophecy Central for  additional information about Bible Prophecy:

Nearly One Third of the Bible is Prophecy!

Fulfilled Prophecy: Powerful Proof for Christianity

Future Prophecy: Impetus to Evangelism

The Good News of Prophecy: Christian History, Hope, Revival, and Encouragement

Prophecy Topics: One Hundred Categories and Counting

Prophecy Research: Lists of Prophecy Websites and an Amazing Search Engine in Our Archives

Balanced Prophecy: Biblical, Thoughtful, Encouraging

Prophecy Videos: Including a Complete Verse-by-Verse Study of Revelation

Prophecy Books: Our Books, and Reviews of other Good Resources

Ron’s Blog: Personal Reflections and Encouragements


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