The First Hostage

firsthostageJoel Rosenberg’s ninth novel takes us into the unspeakable barbarism of ISIS. The things they have already done are the basis for a complete upset of powers in the Middle East, and drastic consequences for the United States.

Rosenberg’s unique experience in the political world, and his great knowledge of all things Middle-Eastern, equip him to see—and then portray for us—the dangerous future that we may face.

The First Hostage is not a comfortable read. It is about warfare at its worst—from the center of the action. It portrays a reality that you and I would just like to ignore. But if we—and our leaders—fail to understand the depth of this depravity, it will be too late to stop its demonic spread.

This story is not “preachy,” It may be the least theological of Rosenberg’s books. Like some of C.S. Lewis fictional works, a non-believer could ignore the spiritual meanings, but those who are looking for them, cannot miss them. The fulfillment of Bible prophecy is implied, but not explained with any detail. This is probably wise, since the current events relating to Islamic terrorism could relate to several prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled, and could occur in various ways.

The spiritual fate of J.B. Collins, the intrepid journalist for The New York Times, is not yet clear. We catch glimpses of his inner struggle, but will evidently have to wait for future installments of his story to know the outcome.


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