2015 in Review: The Year in Prophecy

We have prepared a different type of review this year.

In the past we have written a book about prophecy soon after the end of the year. These studies were illustrated by news articles from the past year or so.

This year we are providing links to each section of Prophecy Central where we have recorded interesting activities during the year. In each section you will find the most recent reports at the top of each section. The ones from earlier in the year will be at the bottom.

Here are two lists for you to explore. One list is ALLPHABETICAL, and the other one is in order of ACTIVITY, or the amount of news collected for each topic.

At the top of this list you will find Iran, Israel, and Terrorism because these are such intense times for Israel and her enemies, and terrorism is growing everywhere.

We suggest that you read the PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE of each topic as you visit these pages. This will help you put the pieces of “The Prophecy Puzzle” together. In each section you will find links to key Scriptural passages.

2015 In Review: The Year in Prophecy

Links to our books

List of our previous Year-In-Review sections

Hal Lindsey’s 2015: Prophetic Year in Review

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  1. Bob Kleinbeck says:

    Great studies; the more I study prophecy, the more I am looking forward to seeing and being with Jesus.

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