In Israel…

Dead Sea Scrolls at APU

Dead Sea Scrolls at APU

I am leading a tour to Israel and the world-famous passion play in Oberammergau, Ger- many. It’s a great combination: all the major holy sites that make the Bible come to life, and a dramatic presentation of Jesus’ life in the beautiful setting of the Bavarian Alps!

I wish you all could be with us. At least you can come along on the Internet. We will post our impressions here from day to day (Starting Tuesday, May 25), and you can see pictures on Facebook as we go along.

What a time to be in Israel! There is constant news about the danger of war between Israel and her neighbors. If these aren’t the last days, I can’t imagine how things can get much more dramatic.

I always feel safe in Israel though. Statistically, we are much more likely to face danger in Los Angeles than in Israel. The Lord is in control of our lives isn’t He?

In the meanwhile, if you live near Azusa Pacific University in Southern California, you can treat yourself to an amazing exhibit of the history of the Bible and see their newly acquired fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls! It is almost as good as going to the Holy Land in person!

Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond!

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  1. E J Coberley says:

    We heard on the radio yesterday about a cruise to Isreal and to go to for information. Can you get me that information?

  2. admin says:

    We are not offering a cruise now. Don’t know who is. If you Google “cruise to Israel” you will see several possibilities, but we are not aligned with any of them.

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