Obama’s Morality

I hate to say anything negative about the President of the United States. I respect the office, and have always tried to give any president the benefit of the doubt when I disagreed with him. After all, he must know much more about world affairs and politics than I do. He has the world’s hardest job. And, of course, the Bible tells me to pray for those who are in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

In President Obama’s case, I couldn’t vote for someone with socialist ideals, but I was proud of the fact that we, at last, had elected our first African-American president. At the beginning of his presidency I set up a series of webpages on Prophecy Central called “Obama Watch.” For some time we followed his progress, looking for answers for such questions as, “Is it God’s will for Barack Obama to be President?,” “What kind of appointments will he make?,” “How will he deal with terrorism?” “How will he treat Israel?” and “What effect will he have on moral issues like abortion and marriage?”

We were hopeful then, but as time went on it became clear to many of us that He is opposed to too many of our biblical values, and is not able or willing to stand strong enough against terrorism and persecution of Christians. Nor is he willing to really support the well-being of Israel.

Our nation has responded by electing a conservative Congress. Some people hope the president will be a “lame duck” for his last two years, but there is valid concern that he will just become more dictatorial than ever, and weaken the nation and the world in the process.

I just have one small voice, but I don’t want my grandchildren to look back at the ruinous events of this time in history and have to ask, “Why didn’t our grandparents speak up when it might have made a difference?”

We still maintain a topic page on President Obama and moral issues. We still pray for him, and promise to do so more diligently. Most of all, we are praying for a spiritual revival in America for the sake of our young people. Wouldn’t it be great if the President would have a change of heart, and be part of such an awakening? With God all things are possible!

Obama Watch: What effect does Barack Obama have on moral issues?


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2 Responses to Obama’s Morality

  1. Dennis says:

    Don’t hold your breath about the President changing his ways any time soon. Not only did he destroy this country, He has detroyed the whole world. I really do think he is demonized. However, As hard, very, very , very hard it is to pray for him, I do. I really don’t think he will change though.

  2. Roger Drake says:

    As a whole, the American people have lost their way. They seem to be less concerned about Planned Parenthood, irresponsibility in public office, and open defiance to the laws of God than the condition of their own souls. Of course this all reflects the last days scenario that men would be lovers themselves more than lovers of God. Is there any doubt that we are near the end of the age?

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