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Rejoicing in RevelationWe have reached a milestone in our labor of love to bring you a detailed commentary of the matchless Book of Revelation! A year ago we finished the first three chapters, covering the fascinating prophecy about the history of the Church Age. Now we have completed Chapters Four and Five: an amazing vision of the End Times drama from the perspective of God’s throne room. It prepares us to trust our infinitely-wonderful triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—as the dreaded Tribulation period begins—right after the Rapture of the Church.

Each portion of the work is posted—once every few days—on the Prophecy Central site, where you can read the current segment in a devotional way, or use the online Table of Contents to find the exact verses you are studying at any time.

We have also published the first three chapters as a book, available in printed or digital format from This first volume is titled The Church in Prophecy and History: Revelation Commentary Chapters 1-3 (328 pages).

Chapters Four and Five will be part of the next volume, which we will hopefully publish next year. In the meanwhile, all of the segments are available to you now when you visit the “Rejoicing in Revelation” section on Prophecy Central.

Now we are eager to begin a word-by-word treatment of what is coming in the Tribulation Period, starting in Revelation Six. It starts with the opening of the first four seals—known as the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Rejoicing in Revelation

Contents of the Commentary

Book: The Church in Prophecy and History:

Revelation Commentary Chapters 1-3

Prophecy Central

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