Review of Joel Rosenberg’s “The Third Target”

thirdtargetJoel Rosenberg doesn’t disappoint his eager fans with his latest intense and ever-so-current story of shocking events that could happen any day now. At the heart of the story the Islamic State, or ISIS, is shown to be a monstrosity that we could scarcely have imagined a few months ago.

This skillful story provides amazing insight into the world of intelligence and political intrigue. Best of all, it draws on Rosenberg’s keen understanding of End Times Bible prophecy. He introduces a new heroic figure—J. B. Collins, an award-winning foreign correspondent, who finds himself neck-deep in dreadful physical and spiritual conflict.

You will want to read it soon because most of Rosenberg’s plots morph quickly from fiction to reality. Much of the action takes place in Jordan, the Arab Hashemite Kingdom just east of Israel. The story’s insights into the historical and prophetic importance of Jordan made me decide to add a new section to Prophecy Central about this unique constitutional monarchy.

Read this review, “Wake Up, It’s War” by Quin Hillyer in the National Review.


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