New Rapid-Search makes Prophecy Central Your Research Hub


Pastors, Bible teachers, and researchers are discovering that the improved search feature on Prophecy Central is their best source for trusted information about Bible prophecy. This powerful search engine is powered by Google, and now has enhanced performance from CloudFlare.

It is located front-and-center on Prophecy Central’s home page. When you are looking for a particular news story, prophecy keyword, teachers’ name, Scripture reference, or other information, just type it in the box and press “search.” You will be surprised at the results – tabulated from 18 years of archived summaries of news stories, hundreds of articles, commentaries, and special features from the thousands of pages of information on the site.

Try it for yourself!

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How To Get The Most Out Of Prophecy Central.”

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One Response to New Rapid-Search makes Prophecy Central Your Research Hub

  1. Ray E. Daly says:

    Open question.

    When it says in Zech 1:11, “All the earth sits still and is at rest”, what is it telling us? There is no record of history for any such event taking place. So, it must be for the future. At the same time, said peace precedes the return of the Son of Man by several years. Thus, being in effect before the peace that he will establish.

    Again, what does this peace mean, as far as prophecy is concerned? And why does it come about? (hint: See Rev. 6:16)


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