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revhead-sThanks to all who have purchased our book, The Church in Prophecy and History: Revelation Commentary Chapters 1 – 3!  Now I would sincerely appreciate it if some of you could post reviews on Amazon.  Reviews are a necessity for a book to be successful.  Here is the first review. It is from Martha Franklin Driggers, a wonderful lady whom I have never met, but have come to know through Facebook. Her review is a great encouragement to me and will help prospective readers decide to try the book.

 5-star review: GREAT Book!, June 19, 2014

Ron Graff’s latest book is amazing! His ability to reference scripture and interpret Revelations is straight forward and understandable. I have read all the books this author has written, and this latest book is captivating. Every night I read it I learn more and more about the end times and the Apostle John’s vision of what’s to come. If you love prophecy this is the book for you! I HIGHLY recommend it! – Martha Driggers

The Church in Prophecy and History is a verse-by-verse commentary of the first three chapters of The Revelation, but it is also a short course on church history.  It is all about Jesus’ messages to the seven churches of Asia. Since The Revelation is prophecy, these messages describe the seven fascinating phases the church has experienced during the past 2000 years.

If you have not yet ordered the book, but would like more information about it, check out the product page. You will find links there to a preview of the book and to see the detailed table of contents. There are also links to Amazon sells the paperback version at an 18% discount and the Kindle version for only $5.99 ($1.99 if you also purchase the paperback version).

Once again, I truly appreciate your partnership in this project!

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