Bible Treasures for Our Grandchildren

treasureAt the current rate we have more than thirty thousand visitors to Prophecy Central each week. It is a tremendous privilege to provide Bible truth to so many fellow-pastors, Bible teachers, serious followers our Lord Jesus, and others who may just be searching for knowledge.

It energizes me to rise early and update the information about the unchanging Gospel to an ever-changing world.

However, there are eight very special people who don’t visit my site very often. They are our grandchildren, and I understand that most of them are not ready to dive into the depths of eschatology. Our children are well grounded in God’s Word, and our great-grandchildren are still very young. But how can I share the wonderful riches of the Bible with our rapidly maturing grandchildren while we still have time?

I believe that the Lord has shown me that, starting today, I should text each of them one verse or short passage each day, and accumulate those Bible Treasures in a special section of Prophecy Central that they can visit from time to time when they want to review the timeless instruction and promises from the Book of Books.

I don’t think they would mind if you visit their section from time to time. It is:


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