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revhead-sAt long last I am beginning Volume Two of the “Rejoicing in Revelation” Series!

The first Volume, covering Chapters One through Three of the matchless book of Revelation is in the final stages of editing now. It is much longer than I had originally thought it would be, but it was a fascinating journey through the prophetic messages to the Seven Churches of Asia. The title is “The Church in History and Prophecy.” It should be available in book form later this month. The shorter segments that were posted week by week during the past year are still available online as well.

The first installment from the next volume is “Come up Here” from Revelation 4:1. This verse is symbolic of the next great prophetic event for Christians: The Rapture of the Church. Between this segment and the new “Appendix C” about the Rapture, you will find the major reasons for believing in the Pre-Tribulation view of the Rapture.

Rejoicing in Revelation


Come Up Here

Appendix C – The Rapture

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