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Week of Jan 2, 2017
Top Stories Jerusalem truck attack: Suspect may have supported ISIS, Netanyahu says

Inauguration speaker Franklin Graham: God allowed Donald Trump to win

At least 5 dead, 8 hospitalized after shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport

Alexa may be listening, but will she tell on you?

US senators introduce bill to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, move embassy

Jihadists at root of worldwide spike in persecution

Trump ‘aggressively’ pursuing Netanyahu to attend inauguration

Here’s Who Will Pray at Trump’s Inauguration; Franklin Graham, Cardinal Dolan and four more clergy

Turkish police question eight in connection to Istanbul attack, gunman still at large

Week of Dec. 26, 2016
Top Stories Report: 90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016

Kim Says North Korea Close to Testing Nuclear Missile That Can Reach US

Putin vows not to stoop to Obama's level after US kicks out Russian intel operatives

ohn Kerry's Final, Harmful Insult to Israel/a>

The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization

Hours Before Kerry's Speech, Israel Pulls Plans for East Jerusalem Construction

Russia says will boost cooperation with Turkey, Iran on Syria: Interfax

RNC: "Christ is the King"

Netanyahu summons US ambassador to protest UN vote

Week of Dec. 19, 2016
Top Stories Major quake of magnitude 7.6 strikes Chile, tsunami warning lifted

US abstains in key Israel vote, clearing way for condemnation of settlements

Suspected Berlin Attacker Shot, Killed In Milan After International Manhunt

Christianity Today’s Top 10 Most-Read Christmas Stories

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays?

Europe continues to scramble to find Tunisian suspect in Berlin attack

Christmas revelry crushed as truck plows into Berlin market, killing 12

Obama signs bill fighting religious persecution globally

Saudi Arabia Switches From Islamic Calendar to Jesus Birth Date-Based Gregorian

Drama-Filled Electoral College Vote a Fitting Ending to 2016 Election

Week of Dec. 12, 2016
Top Stories Extraordinary origins of everyday Christmas Carols

Iran Calls for P5+1 Meeting over US Sanctions Extension

Facebook Finally Gets Real About Fighting Fake News

Iran sanctions renewal becomes law even without Obama signature

'Revival Is on the Way:' Ted Cruz Joins Prayer Battle in the Capitol

Israel receives F-35s, first country after USA

Islamic State militants retake ancient city of Palmyra

Week of Dec. 5, 2016
Top Stories Texas attorney general drops a great big Yuletide truth bomb on school district

Blast at Egypt's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 25, injures dozens

Betsy DeVos at Trump Michigan Rally: Time to ‘Finally Put an End to Federal Common Core’

Syria conflict: 'Israel missiles' hit Damascus military airport

Massive 7.8 earthquake shakes the Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific Ocean

Christians, Not Communists, Know the Plan of History

Iran vows not to let Trump destroy nuclear deal

At least 97 dead after magnitude-6.5 earthquake rocks Indonesia

Trump ended the left’s War on Christmas

Trump to nominate Carson as HUD secretary

Week of Nov. 28, 2016
Top Stories Betsy Devos, Trump's Secretary of Education Pick, Brings Christian Voice and Potentially Radical Education Reforms

Senate Passes Iran Sanctions 99-0

'Fixer Upper' stars under fire for attending 'anti-gay' church

Evolutionist Recommends "Listening to Other Arguments," Except When It Comes to Evolution

Israeli Airstrikes Target ISIS Facility in Syria, Hours After First Direct Clashes in Golan Heights

Week of Nov. 21, 2016
Top Stories Israel to buy an additional 17 F-35 fighter planes

Betsy Devos, Trump's Secretary of Education Pick, Brings Christian Voice and Potentially Radical Education Reforms

Paris prosecutor: 5 terror suspects under Islamic State direction


Israel fires: Tens of thousands flee as fires hit Haifa

Dow Closes Above 19,000 for First Time as Trump Rally Rolls On

Tsunami advisories lifted after Japan earthquake

FBI Warns of Potential Terror Threat on Thanksgiving

Week of Nov. 14, 2016
Top Stories Could vice-president Mike Pence be the most powerful man in America?

Trump, Kissinger meet in New York

Trump to send message: 'Shariah incompatible with Constitution'

SpaceX just asked permission to launch 4,425 satellites — more than currently orbit Earth

Netanyahu calls on Obama not to back any new peace moves as term ends

Iran's Unexpected Revival Spurs Hundreds to Choose Jesus Despite Rampant Death Threats

Signs In The Heavens - Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became A Nation

Week of Nov. 7, 2016
Top Stories New Zealand earthquake: Tsunami follows powerful tremor

Trump-supporting pastor explains what just happened

Israel won’t let Iran have military presence in Syria, Netanyahu tells Russian PM

What a President Trump means for Israel's regional security<

How Evangelicals Helped Donald Trump Win

Evangelicals Hand Victory To Donald Trump

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Week of Oct. 31, 2016
Top Stories Cubs' World Series MVP: 'We all need Christ'

New York City Authorities Alerted Of Election Day Terror Threat

Pray ... pray some more ... then vote

James Dobson warns: U.S. at 'point of no return'

Reformer Pope Arrives in Sweden to Mark Luther's Reformation

Week of Oct. 24, 2016
Top Stories American Christians cave on core beliefs

Italy rocked by strongest earthquake to strike the country in 36 years

Trump campaign cheers FBI's Clinton email bombshell

Is Obama preparing a parting shot at Israel?

How Bob Dylan became a Jews for Jesus icon


Evangelicals engaged – but will they vote?

UNESCO resolution is a 'disgrace to intelligent people,' says Temple Mount archeologist

Franklin Graham: Battle Against Godless Secularism Is for the Soul of the Nation

Early voting suggests tight race in key states despite Clinton camp boast

Week of Oct. 17, 2016
Top Stories Early voting suggests tight race in key states despite Clinton camp boast

I'm Not Ashamed' A hit with audiences

Russia and the West have 'entered a new Cold War'

US and Russia could 'start Third World War over Syria conflict', says Turkey

The massive cyberattack that hit the US hints at a new kind of cyberwarfare

Christian film 'I'm Not Ashamed' draws flak from atheists

Viral sermon hints at God's hidden purpose for Trump

Mosul [Iraq] offensive ‘ahead of schedule,’ but fears of wider regional war mount

Week of Oct. 10, 2016
Top Stories Russia and the West: Where did it all go wrong?

Actor Kirk Cameron Live Event: 'Revive Us' in Theaters Oct. 18

After many delays, the battle to liberate Mosul from a hellish ISIS nightmare is about to begin.

UNESCO votes: No connection between Temple Mount and Judaism

Clinton campaign spokeswoman takes shots at Catholics, evangelicals in leaked email exchange

UNESCO to vote on resolutions ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

War Games: Russia and China Join Forces Against Global US Missile Shield

World War 3 News: Russia Sends Out Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Destroy NATO

Pure Flix readies 'I'm not Ashamed' film

Week of Oct. 3, 2016
Top Stories Commander in chief? It's the lesser of two evils

Some thoughts on a presidential campaign going from bad to worse to nightmarish

Prophecy Central is now “Mobile-Friendly”!

'Bring your Bible to School day' spreads throughout US

Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds dead in Haiti storm disaster

Army Chief Issues Stark Warning to Potential Enemies

U.S.-Russia Ties Crumble Under Weight of Syria, Nuclear Pact

U.S. Election Cycle Offers Kremlin a Window of Opportunity in Syria

Concerns Growing of a Military Showdown Between U.S. and Russia in Syria

Week of Sept. 26, 2016
Top Stories Shia fighters, Assad's troops prepare for final assault on Aleppo

Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea

7 Things You Need to Know: "New World Money"

With 80 foreign leaders en route, Israel gears up for Peres funeral

Police helicopter captures UFO on thermal camera

Ann Coulter: Trump won by proving 'He's not Hitler'

Trump, Clinton clash at fiery first debate on trade, tax returns, temperament

Syria conflict: Russia 'may have committed war crime'

Poll: Clinton, Trump in virtual dead heat on eve of first debate

Week of Sept. 19, 2016
Top Stories The writing on the wall: Technology and the Antichrist

'The Gathering': America Can Only Be Saved by Spiritual Revival, Not a 'Political Awakening,' Christian Leaders Say

Blazes at Iran petrochemical plants raise suspicions of cyberattack

State of emergency: Charlotte protests continue for second night

CNN: ISIS Attacks US, Iraqi Forces With Chemical Weapon

Video: A Time Such As This - Congressman Bob McEwan

Beware the unholy alliance: Russia is working with radical Islam to undermine the West

Syria: UN suspends aid delivery after convoy, warehouse attacked

Officials capture Afghan-born man sought in connection with New York, New Jersey bombings

Week of Sept. 12, 2016
Top Stories Explosion in New York City believed to be 'intentional,' mayor says; 29 injured

Israel strikes ‘terror targets’ in Gaza in retaliation to rocket fire

"Keep Watching!" - Online Prophecy Seminar
Sept. 16-18

How Kirk Cameron plans to spark revival in America

Juncker proposes EU military headquarters

More than 3,500 Muslim refugees in Germany baptised into Christian faith

China, Russia to Stage Military Drills in S.China Sea

Politicians, Experts Suspect Russia of Hacking US Political System

Week of Sept. 5, 2016
Top Stories 15 years after Sept. 11, the questions that still remain in our minds

Congress passes bill letting 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia, in face of veto threat

North Korea's 'biggest' nuclear test sparks global outrage

Jesus Is Coming Soon!

Islamic State: Turkey and US 'ready to invade capital'

Dinesh D’Souza’s Doc ‘Hillary’s America’ Re-opened in Theaters

Mother Teresa declared a saint before huge crowds in the Vatican

Mel Gibson Confirms Sequel to 'Passion of the Christ'

Week of Aug. 29, 2016
Top Stories Here’s what Donald Trump said in his big immigration speech, annotated

'Hillary's America' hitting screens again as race heats

Trump to visit Mexico, meet with president who compared him to Hitler

Homeland Security looks to take charge of elections

Israel’s let-down: Putin-Erdogan hook-up with Iran

Study: Science Doesn’t Back Popular Views of Sexuality

Israel expands patrols into East Jerusalem to stem Palestinian attacks

Week of Aug. 22, 2016
Top Stories US Military's Worst Nightmare: A War with Russia and China (at the Same Time)

Harvest Crusade, coming to Anaheim this weekend, is on a mission 'to build up the church'

Israeli warplanes said to hit Hezbollah targets in Syria

Franklin Graham Tells Maine: Vote the Bible

Italy quake death toll rises to 247

Media Tries (and Fails) to Bury 'Ben-Hur'

At least 159 reported dead after strong earthquake rocks central Italy

Egyptian FM sparks uproar by saying Israel not guilty of 'terrorism'

Top US commander warns Russia, Syria

Week of Aug. 15, 2016
Top Stories 'BEN HUR' – Epic movie for all times

Texas judge temporarily blocks Obama's transgender directive

At least 50 killed, 94 injured in bomb attack at wedding in Turkey, Erdogan says ISIS is 'likely perpetrator'

Putin Steps Back From the Brink of War in Ukraine

Jordan's King Abdullah vows to fight Israeli 'extremism' at Temple Mount

The Coup May Have Failed but Fear Still Rules Turkey

Russia Building Dozens of Underground Nuclear Command Bunkers

Russian warplanes take off from Iran to target Islamic State in Syria>

Week of Aug. 8, 2016
Top Stories Israel, Islam and the West: Jack Hibbs, Amir Tsarfati and Erick Stakelbeck

Turkey, Russia Hold Talks, Ease Tensions Over Syria

Why we should carefully study the latest issue of the ISIS magazine

Tensions Rise on Temple Mount as Jewish Fast of Tisha B'Av Nears

'Preparation for Temple no longer a dream'

Churches take new security measures in face of terror threats

Erdogan Says Talks with Putin to Open Up New Alliance

Week of Aug. 1, 2016
Top Stories Revelation 21 & 22 Video:A glorious conclusion to the drama of human existence: A new heaven and new earth, its capital- The New Jerusalem, and a life of eternal joy and activity for believers is predicted.

America: Is There Any Hope?

North Korea: A constant problem for the international community

Quantum Computing Breakthrough: World’s First Reprogrammable Device Created

Obama approves 30-day airstrike mission against ISIS in Libya

Pope Says It Is Wrong to Identify Islam with Violence

Israel Gearing Up for Worst-Case ‘Day After’ Scenarios Against ISIS

Abandoning Scripture, abandoning faith and morals

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