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The Islamic Prayer Event on Capitol Hill

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September 21, 2009

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A prayer event has been organized to gather upwards of 50,000 Muslims to conclude Ramadan on Capitol Hill this Friday, Sept. 25th. Their purpose is to “express and illustrate the wonderful diversity of Islam” and “manifest Islam's majestic spiritual principals.”

Meanwhile terrorism is unabated around the world, and here in America a young lady is pleading for her life, not to be returned to her parents since her father has threatened to kill her for becoming a Christian!

Every American group should have the right to a peaceful gathering in the Capitol, especially when the purpose of the event is to pray.

The stated objectives of the gathering are not objectionable, but we should be watching this event carefully to find answers to some very important related questions.

How will they pray?

Will they repent for the evil actions of radical Islamists who have caused so much pain and death in recent years? Will they ask their god to restrain Iran’s president Ahmadinejad who recently restated his denial of the Holocaust, and is making a spectacle of himself once again before the United Nations while continuing to create nuclear weapons? Will they plead for peace and unity in America?

Will their speakers denounce the violent Jihadists who have been responsible for horrendous attacks? Will they distance themselves from terrorist cells like the one that was just uncovered in Colorado and New York?

How will President Obama respond?

If he participates or endorses this event, Christians will be frustrated by the fact that he refused last May to let the White House participate in the National Day of Prayer, which had become a firm tradition for many years.

The President has made many troubling concessions to the Islamic world since his inauguration, including hosting a Ramadan dinner at the White House a few weeks ago. If he ignores this event he will alienate Muslims worldwide.

What should Christians do?

We must support the right for public prayer by any group in this “land of the free.” At the same time, we should realize that there is a great spiritual battle raging with eternal consequences for people all over the world. Let’s be wise observers about what actually happens on Friday.

Above all, let us pray for revival in the United States! If they are going to pray for America, how much more should we? I urge you to join me in observing Lou Engle’s call for “Five Days of Concerted Prayer.”

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