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Episcopal Church 'storm' of mass defections brews

Sept. 16, 2007 - Mass defections from the Episcopal Church may take place if the church's hierarchy does not return to a Biblical position on homosexuality. For example, The dioceses of Fort Worth, Pittsburgh and Quincy, Ill. has decided...
...if they don't receive assurances by Sept. 30 that the House of Bishops will reject the consecration of bishops living in a same-sex relationship and same-sex blessings, they are prepared to cut themselves off from the Episcopal Church.
The Episcopal Church of the U.S. is much more liberal than the worldwide Anglican Communion. That over-arching organization is led by bishops in Africa and Asia, and has largely has maintained traditional doctrines.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Marriage in California on the Way Out?

Aug. 28, 2007 - California Governor Schwarzenegger and other state officials are preparing legal documents that could abolish the concept of "marriage" in California to simplify the legal battles about homosexual rights.
In legal briefs submitted to the California Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown both stated that a future legislature could abolish marriage and remove the rights now enjoyed by a husband and wife, a pro-family group charged on Monday.
Source: NewsMax
Marriage in California Could End? - Crosswalk - Information about the California Marriage Ammendment Campaign

Los Angeles Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony Apologizes to Clergy Abuse Victims

July 16, 2007 - The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has admitted to sexual abuse of more than 500 people, and is expected to enter a formal settlement agreement today to pay $660 million in settlements. Cardinal Roger Mahoney, leader of the nation's largest archdiocese, apologized to the victims.
"Once again, I apologize to anyone who has been offended, who has been abused. It should not have happened and should not ever happen again."
Source: Fox

World Council of Churches calls for end to Israel's occupation of Arab lands

June 25, 2007 - The World Council of Churches said that it would launch a global initiative to have churches worldwide rally for an end to Israel's occupation of Arab lands seized in the 1967 Mideast war.
The World Council of Churches, founded in 1948, groups 347 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches representing over 560 million Christians in more than 110 countries.
Source: Yahoo (Story no longer online)

Pastor: Idea Christ died for sins 'insane'

Apr. 2, 2007 - Britain's Episcopal Church has a new black eye since the BBC is giving time to one of their most radical clerics, Rev. Jeffrey John, who was dropped from consideration as a bishop in 2003 because of a longtern homosexual relationship. John will tell the world that the idea that Christ died for our sins is insane.
"In other words, Jesus took the rap and we got forgiven as long as we said we believed in him," said John. "This is repulsive as well as nonsensical. It makes God sound like a psychopath. If a human behaved like this we'd say that they [sic] were a monster."
Source: WorldNetDaily

Rick Warren's Drift

Jan. 11, 2006 - Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church, has undeniably been a hero of evangelical Christianity in our generation, but some of his recent activities have raised serious questions among many people in his large circle of influence. His books, especially The Purpose Driven Life, have had a great beneficial impact on Christianity. Some are calling him "America's Pastor." However, his new emphasis, "The Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan" is aimed at mobilizing a billion christians to combat the five global, evil giants of our day: spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, poverty, disease, and illiteracy. These are worthy goals, but to try to accomplish them, he has made some questionable moves, like commending Syrian leaders for their tolerance of Christianity, and inviting a politician who believes in abortion to speak in his megachurch. He believes in the Second Coming of Christ but ignores the relevance of Biblical prophecies, apparently because they fortell a decline of morality in the Last Days. Warren is right when he says that Christianity needs to be seriously engaged in social action. Jesus healed the sick and fed the poor before giving them the Gospel. The glorious history of the early days of the Salvation Army remind us of the great Biblical principle that those who have faith will also have good works as a result.

Time will tell what effect Rick Warren's new emphasis will have on the church and the world, but there is no question that right now, many of his former followers are having second thoughts. Christians should pray for him to be fully led by the Lord in all that he does!

We sent advanced notice of this article to Rick Warren's church ten days ago, but there was no reply

The following articles are a sample of the debate that is emerging over Warren's recent actions.

Rick Warren Implies an Interest in Bible Prophecy and the End Times is a Distraction and Sidetracks Christians - Koenig's International News
A Global Peace Plan - Let Us Reason
Purpose Driven Terror? Rick Warren's Syrian Trip an Outrage - Ingrid Schlueter
According to Rick Warren, Your “Purpose” isn’t Prophecy - Jan Markel - Rapture Ready
Pastor Rick Warren Defends Invitation for Sen. Obama to Speak at Calif. Church - Fox
Rick Warren - Wikipedia
The CFR and the Social Gospel - The Discernment Group
The Rick Warren Debate - WorldNetDaily Forums
Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan & UN Goals - Berit Kjos - August 2005
A Back-Channel for P.E.A.C.E. - Prophezine

Why Republicans lost: Dobson, Bauer, Minnery, Perkins say GOP ignored voters' values

Nov. 10, 2006 - While Republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong with the elections, Dr. James Dobson and other pro-family leaders explain that values voters just couldn't find candidates that they could trust to represent their pro-life, pro-family values. Dobson said that Dick Armey blamed conservative Christians for the situation. He added,
"He can't be serious! Someone should tell him that without the support of that specific constituency, John Kerry would be president and the Republicans would have fallen into a black hole in '04."
Source: WorldNetDaily

'I am Guilty of Sexual Immorality ... a Deceiver and a Liar,' Haggard Confesses

Nov. 5, 2006 - In a letter to his New Life Church, Ted Haggard admitted that part of the allegations against him are true.
"The fact is I am guilty of sexual immorality," he said. "I am a deceiver and a liar. There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring about it for my entire life.
High-profile pastors, including Jack Hayford, pastor of Church on the Way in Van Nuys and Tommy Barnett, senior pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God, will oversee Haggard's pastoral care in the wake of this scandal.
Source: Christianity Today

Updates: Haggard Says He Bought Meth But Didn't Use It

Nov. 4, 2006 - Ted Haggard told reporters that he knew Mike Jones because the Denver hotel in which he was staying recommended him for a massage. He said he had never had sex with him. Jones had suggested that he use methamphetamine. Haggard said:
"I called him to buy some meth but I threw it away. I was buying it for me but I never used it. I never kept it very long because it's wrong. I was tempted. I bought it, but I never used it."
Source: Christianity Today
Haggard's sex accuser fails polygraph test - Rocky Mountain News

Evangelical Leader in Gay Sex Scandal Says 'It's Political,' Pastor Says 'He Admitted Some Things'

Nov. 3, 2006 - Ted Haggard, pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and president of the 30-million member National Association of Evangelicals, has been accused by a male escort of having sex over the past three years. Haggard denies any homosexual involvement and says that the allegations are political retaliation for his strong support of a proposed constitution amendment banning gay marriage in Colorado. He has voluntarily stepped down from both of his roles so that an "overseer process" can be conducted with integrity.
The accusations were made by Mike Jones, 49, of Denver, who said he decided to go public because of Haggard's opposition to the proposed gay marriage ban.
Jones said he had phone messages that support his allegations. One supposedly was a request to purchase a package, which Jones said was methamphetamine.

The acting senior pastor at New Life, Ross Parsley, said that Haggard admitted that some of the accusations were true, but did not specify which ones.

Source: Fox

Emerging Confusion

June 2006 - Charles Colson tries to be understanding of sincere efforts to reach postmoderns with the Gospel, but he warns against minimizing the importance of propositional (Biblical) truth. Some emergent church leaders claim that personal truth (perception) is more important than propositional truth.
Source: Christianity Today
The Emerging Church: Another Road to Rome - Roger Oakland

The divine Miss Winfrey?

May 12, 2006 - With her incredible popularity, Oprah Winfrey has become very influential with her New Age theories.
Over the past year, Winfrey, 52, has emerged as a spiritual leader for the new millennium, a moral voice of authority for the nation.
Source:USA Today

Episcopalians want trial for homosexual bishop

May 12, 2006 - A group within the Episcopalians want a trial of all the clergy involved in the ordination of homosexual bishop Gene Robinson.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Special Report: The American Church in Crisis

May 1, 2006 - This article explores the reasons church attendance is not keeping up with population growth in America. Mega-churches appear to be growing at the expense of medium-sized churches. Very small churches are growing because of the need for intimacy. Some church leaders offer suggested solutions to the problem. Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church suggests a greater focus on the purpose of the church. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, says we need to offer people "hope for tomorrow, healing from yesterday and a home for today." George Barna thinks the growing edge of Christianity is among revolutionary young adults who are disenchanted with the traditional church and are looking for an alternative faith-based community. Barna says, "This revolution of faith is happening. Pastors should try to find a way for their church to cooperate with it."
Source:Christianity Today

Election of lesbian bishop 'will cause Church to unravel'

Mar. 13, 2006 - Bonnie Perry, an Anglican clergywoman, could be chosen to become Bishop of California on May 6. If so, the evangelical wing of the worldwide Anglican Communion predicts that her election will lead to the "unravelling" of the Church. She has had a same-sex relationship for the past 18 years.
The selection of Miss Perry is highly controversial because the Anglican Communion believes that the ordination of actively gay clergy is incompatible with scripture. The Church of England does not even recognise female bishops.
Source:News Telegraph

Churches urged to back evolution

Feb. 20, 2006 - Speakers at annual meeting of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) urged churches to teach evolution. They fear that the new "Intelligent Design" concept threatens scientific literacy among schoolchildren.
Source: BBC
Ed. note: On Feb. 12, 2006 apostate churches observed "Evolution Sunday," in their services, and some 10,000 clergy signed a statement affirming evolution because they admittedly "do not read the Bible literally." Bible-teaching churches should do the opposite. A good resource for the importance of affirming a literal understanding of creation is Nancy Pearcey's book Total Truth. Over 500 Scientists Proclaim Their Doubts About Darwin’s Theory of Evolution - Discovery Institute - Center for Science and Culture

California State Assembly Barely Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill in Late Night Session

Sept. 7, 2005 - See the article in our section on The California Homosexual Agenda.

America's Basic Problem Is A Pastor Problem

May 11, 2005 - Pastor Chuck Baldwin complains that the decline in American morality is caused by pastors who are not willing to preach anything that makes people uncomfortable. We need a return to the bold proclamation of all of God's Word.
Source: News With Views

Canon Blasts Bishop's Illegal Seizure of Dissenter Church

July 29 - Episcopal Bishop Andrew Smith may have broken state and federal laws by making an unannounced visit to St. John's Episcopal Church in Bristol, Connecticut, and suspending Rector Mark Hansen from his priestly responsibilities. The action was taken because Hansen opposes to same-sex "marriage" and the ordination of practicing homosexual clergy.
With the help of 12 assistants, the bishop dismantled the church's website, hacked into its computers, and gained access to financial records. Smith then proceeded to install a homosexual-affirming female priest as pastor of the parish.
Canon David Anderson of the Anglican Council is urging St. John's Church to take legal action against Bishop Smith.

Denomination debates declaration of Jesus' divinity

June 15, 2005 - A vote is slated for next month for the United Church of Christ denomination that would require their clergy to believe in the divinity of Christ, a foundational tenent of Christianty. Many people in the 1.3-million-member denomination believe the resolution will fail.
Source:North Jersey Media Group

Schiavo Receives Last Rites

Mar. 28, 2005 - After nine days without food or water, Terri Schiavo was allowed by her husband to receive last rites. One drop of wine was put on her tongue, and she was anointed with holy oil by a priest.
Terri Schiavo Dies - Fox

Schiavo's Parents Turn to Supreme Court

Mar. 24, 2005 - Terri Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, have registered an emergency filing asking the Supreme Court to intervene. They cite constitutional violations of due process and religious freedom. The Supreme Court may not be willing to hear the evidence, and has already declined to do so recently.
Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush continued his own efforts to keep Terri alive, seeking court approval to take custody of the woman and presumably reinsert the feeding tube.

Insight on the Terri Schiavo Case

Mar. 23, 2005 - Craig von Buseck, Ministries Director, asks "Is America Still Good?" He sites Alexis de Tocqueville's famous saying that "America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great." He then compares recent news about a massacre in a Minnesota school by a student there, horrific stories about child molesters, and the Terri Schavio situation, where she is slowly dying for lack of food and water. He points out the fact that she is not on "life support." All she needs is to be fed. The Supreme Court will consider the case now. Will they show concern for individual life?
We will know the answer soon -- and it will be another in a series of wake up calls for the people in America to let them know the true 'state of the union.'

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