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A few good reasons to visit Prophecy Central:

Nearly One Third of the Bible is Prophecy!

Fulfilled Prophecy: Powerful Proof for Christianity

Future Prophecy: Impetus to Evangelism

The Good News of Prophecy: Christian History, Hope, Revival, and Encouragement

Prophecy Topics: One Hundred Categories and Counting

Prophecy Research: Lists of Prophecy Websites and an Amazing Search Engine in Our Archives

Balanced Prophecy: Biblical, Thoughtful, Encouraging

Prophecy Videos: Including a Complete Verse-by-Verse Study of Revelation

Prophecy Books: Our Books, and Reviews of other Good Resources

Ronís Blog: Personal Reflections and Encouragements


Ken Chambers - Thank you and Godís blessing on you and your ministry.

Joanie and Don Clucas - Dearest Brother, Ronnie, Congratulations on this amazing site! It has lasted 20 years and been #1 because of all the hard work and many hours you put into it. Hope it doesnít last that much longer (even so come, Lord Jesus!) but if it does, may you have the energy to finish strong.

Dr. Charles Hiltibidal - Your site is a tremendous blessing. The information from news pertinent to prophecy around the world is a great blessing. I have shared your site with many in the ministry and church members across the country. Listening for the shout.

Bonnie McPeck - Congratulations Ron.

Sheri Graff - Amazing!!

Larry Gilbert - Mazel tov

Leslie Loper - This site is absolutely my number one source for up to date information on Bible Prophecy. Thank you for making such a difference in my life!

William Vogel - Congratulations ...we love you dear ones

Sally Morgan - Happy Anniversary Prophecy Central! A wonderful resource!

Barbara Graff - Congratulations! Thank you for all of the incredible work you have done to keep your site at the number 1 spot for Bible Prophecy during the past 20 years! Your reward will be great in heaven!

Jim Keith - Congrats Ron, wow 20 years. Here's to 20 more my friend.

Brandon Bachman - I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed how up to date you keep everything. You have no shortage of things to write. Absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work!! :)

Stephen Graves - Happy Anniversary :) ...on to the next 20.

Charlotte Coder Hubbard - Congratulations for your faithfulness to ministry.

Martha Franklin Driggers - My Number 1 go to source for the most current information on Bible Prophecy! Thank you for making a profound difference in my life! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

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